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ChatLounge and AwfulNet Merger

     It has been an incredibly tumultuous week given the recent merger of IRCSpeed into ChatLounge, but the ChatLounge Administration would like to announce another exciting change, the merger of AwfulNet into ChatLounge.

ChatLounge and IRCSpeed Merger

     First of all, we would like to apologize for neglecting the news, although changes up until this point have been minor.  However, the ChatLounge Administration is again pleased to announce another exciting change.

IRC Server Upgrade

     The ChatLounge Administration is pleased to announce our latest major server upgrade, which brings a lot of exciting changes.  The previous major upgrade took place in September 2014.

Migration from Iris to KiwiIRC WebChat

     For those users who use web chat, we are happy to announce the migration from Iris to our own instance of KiwiIRC.  Unlike Iris which is virtually abandonware at this point, KiwiIRC is still being actively developed and maintained.  It also possesses an /ignore feature which was lacking on the Iris web chat.

     If you have any questions or comments about this change, please share them in the #Help channel.

Game Score Pages Disabled

     Due to limited usage, the game score pages have been disabled and removed from the site.  If there is demand, they may be reinstated at a later date.  Sorry for any inconvenience involved.

IRC Server Upgrade

     The Chat Lounge Administration is pleased to announce our IRC server upgrade, which brings a lot of exciting changes.

Dedicated News Section Introduced

     The Chat Lounge IRC Network has just introduced a dedicated news section, so the front page may eventually contain information most relevant to new users.

Game Score Pages

     The Chat Lounge IRC Network would like to present our latest changes:

     We now have score pages for each of the official game channels offered on Chat Lounge as a way for players to easily view the current game scores. Please stay tuned for additional improvements to each section.

Welcome to the Chat Lounge IRC Network

     The Chat Lounge IRC Network was founded in November 2012.

     It was founded under the belief that users deserve a nice environment.  The network was created as an alternative to a couple of other large networks at the time that in our opinion, had some shortcomings.

     Our goal and mission is provide an environment where users are not at risk for DDOS, nor will be in any doubt in regard to who has power.
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