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Submitted by Ben on Thursday, January 21, 2016, 04:07

The ChatLounge Administration is pleased to announce our latest major server upgrade, which brings a lot of exciting changes. The previous major upgrade took place in September 2014.

New Channel Status Modes

New channel status modes in addition to op and voice are now supported. The channel modes are listed in "descending" order, with the most "powerful" listed first. Each status mode is only capable of setting status modes on other users equivalent or below it.

  • Owner - Designated by the ~ prefix, users with this status mode may only be kicked by other owners. Only other owners, or services may set this.
  • Admin - Designated by the & prefix, users with this status mode may only be kicked by owners and other admins. Only owners, admins, or services may set this.
  • Op - Designated by the @ prefix, users with this status mode may only be kicked by others who are of equal or higher status.
  • Halfop - Designated by the % prefix, halfops have no kick protection. Despite the name, halfops are capable of setting almost any channel mode. However, halfops are not permitted to set the channel modes +f, +F, or +Q.
  • Voice - Designated by the + prefix, voices have no special powers besides the ability to speak in +m (muted) channels, and to speak or change nick despite any matching bans or quiets.
New Extended Bantypes
  • $& - AND combination
  • $| - OR combination
  • $h - Hostmask

For more information on how to use these, please refer to the EXTBANCOMBO help or on IRC, type the following command: /quote help EXTBANCOMBO

Other Changes

WHOIS shows more information than before:

  • SSL cipher in use is now shown.
  • Opers and self-whois will show what class block you're connecting with.
  • PARTALL command replaces '/join 0' which causes more problems than it solves.
  • WHY command - Channel operators may now use the WHY command to list what bans, ban exceptions, invite exceptions, and quiets match a user. Syntax: /why #Channel TargetUser
  • UNINVITE command permits channel (half)operators to uninvite, or 'cancel' a previously issued invite. Follows the same syntax as INVITE.
  • While the software has a configurable option to permit colors and formatting codes in channel lists (/list), we have chosen not to permit colors and formatting codes in /list at this time. Channel topics will still have colors and formatting code, if set with them, and would still be viewable upon joining the channel.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this, please join #Help.

If you would like to follow the development of ChatIRCd, you may wish to join #ChatIRCd.

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