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The ChatLounge IRC Network offers nickname registration services. If you are already familiar with Atheme services, you don't have to read this document any farther.

Unlike on some networks, access is not granted by actual nicks, but by account. When you register, you create a NickServ account, with a primary nick. If you wish to use another nick, then all you have to do is identify to your NickServ account, switch to the other nick, and then type in the following command: /msg NickServ group. If the nickname is free, it will be added to your account. This means everything you had before, whether it be memos, channel access lists (Ops), or even channel ownership will be retained under the new nick.

If you are not familiar with the various commands, you may wish to review the following document:

Atheme NickServ documentation

Please note that some commands have been disabled for one reason or another. They are: