ChatServices Channel Rules

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Above and beyond the Acceptable Use Policy, there are a few common sense rules that apply to the official ChatServices channel. They are:

  1. Please be respectful of everyone and remain civil. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. No pornographic images, or overly graphic discussion of "adult-oriented" topics.
  3. Do not use the channel as a platform to appeal bans in other channels.
  4. The use of /amsg and /ame are very much discouraged. Excessive usage may be grounds for a ban.
  5. Any sort of automatic announcing script, including but not limited to "Now Playing" scripts or "SomeNick is away" is not allowed.
  6. Do not spam or flood the channel. This will likely be met with a ban, and possibly a K-Line (Network wide ban).
  7. While political and religious discussion is not disallowed, every channel Op has the right to ask to change the subject, or for the discussion to otherwise cease if it gets out of hand.
  8. Bots aside from those owned by Ben are not permitted in this channel. Using bot commands to flood the channel is the same as performing the flooding yourself, for the purposes of these rules.
  9. While cursing is permitted, it doesn't need to be every other word and be mindful of rule one.
  10. In short, don't be an asshole. Ops have the free reign to take action against you if you are.
  11. Off-topic discussion, not strictly related to ChatServices, is permitted in the channel when no other discussion is going on. However, support queries should take priority. Support for other software is not guaranteed. You may be referred to the respective channel.
  12. English is the only acceptable language in the channel at this time.
  13. On-topic discussion involves support for server administrators running ChatServices, or questions and comments regarding development. If you're an end user asking for assistance with commands, please consult your network's help channel; commonly named #Help or #NetworkName, though not necessarily.

Failure to follow these rules can result in warnings, warning kicks, temporary bans, and permanent bans. These rules are not intended to overly restrict anyone and will hopefully be common sense.