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This is the current list of servers available. Generally speaking, you want to use the server that is closest to you, or if you are an advanced user using an IRC bouncer, the server closest to the bouncer.

Round-Robin IPv4 Round-Robin IPv6 Round-Robin

U.S. Round-Robin E.U. Round-Robin

Note: Certificates issued by Let's Encrypt are used, so you should not need to verify the fingerprints separately. They are included here for your convenience.

SSL Fingerprints
SHA-1 85:C7:BD:03:90:4B:7E:B7:27:69:4F:2C:50:EC:51:5C:12:C1:31:12
SHA-256 D9:24:D8:C4:65:AB:9C:AF:B5:14:3C:25:5C:11:51:BA:F6:1B:69:1A:9F:AB:44:AC:A3:3B:0B:EA:C2:4F:6A:48
SHA-512 FC:80:1B:6C:1D:95:AE:A5:23:F4:75:AC:31:27:88:0D:1B:7A:78:7E:4F:33:B1:27:5A:96:2E:C5:DF:EC:A4:8E: