Privacy Policy

At the ChatLounge IRC Network, we take the issue of online privacy very seriously. We don't require any personal information from our users with the exception of a valid e-mail address, upon registration. On some parts of the web site, it may be possible for users to enter other information about themselves, but they are not, at any time, required to do so.

Private Communication between users

While some networks may have mechanisms to intercept /query, better known as private messages between users, we have no such mechanism. The same applies for private notices.

Channel Communication

Furthermore, some networks have a means through which certain staff members of the network may have the means to join a channel invisibly, unseen to others. Other networks may also have the option of delay-join, where join messages don't show up until the user says something in the channel. The ChatLounge IRC Network has no means to do this, and will never have the means to do so.

Therefore, if a staff member joins your channel, it will be with the knowledge of every user in that channel.

Private Communication with Staff

Staff members of the ChatLounge IRC Network are expected to maintain confidentiality with users, with regard to any network business.

Requests for passwords

Staff members will never ask you for your NickServ account password. There is no valid reason to do so. Anyone posing as a staff member, and/or asking for NickServ passwords is in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.