The ChatLounge IRC network uses the ChatServices IRC services package, a fork of Atheme Services, configured to suit the needs of ChatLounge. Most users will find NickServ, ChanServ, and occasionally MemoServ to be the most useful. However, there are other services that may be of interest.

Table of Contents
  1. ChanServ
  2. MemoServ
  3. NickServ
  4. ALIS
  5. InfoServ


Channel registration and enforcement service.

If you are already familiar with Atheme, there is no need to review this document. However, you must note that every channel upon registration has the SECURE option enabled, and may not be turned off. Enabling NOSYNC is discouraged.

Unlike Anope and some other IRC Services, there are no channel passwords. Founder access to a channel is controlled through access to the Founder's NickServ account. Therefore, do not lose track of your NickServ account password. Channels are also ordinarily limited to one Founder.

If you are not familiar with the commands, it may be a good idea to review the following documentation:
Atheme ChanServ documentation

Please note that some commands are not supported on this network, for one reason or another. They are:

  • BAN


Memo service, much like e-mail only between registered user accounts.


Nickname and user registration service.

The ChatLounge IRC Network offers nickname registration services. If you are already familiar with Atheme services, you don't have to read this document any farther.

Unlike on some networks, access is not granted by actual nicks, but by account. When you register, you create a NickServ account, with a primary nick. If you wish to use another nick, then all you have to do is identify to your NickServ account, switch to the other nick, and then type in the following command: /msg NickServ group. If the nickname is free, it will be added to your account. This means everything you had before, whether it be memos, channel access lists (Ops), or even channel ownership will be retained under the new nick.

If you are not familiar with the various commands, you may wish to review the following document:
Atheme NickServ documentation

Please note that some commands have been disabled for one reason or another. They are:



Channel listing service, as an alternative to the /list command. Not widely supported by IRC clients so manual usage is the only way to make use of this.


While not used extensively, if there are news items to view these will be presented to users upon a successful connection.